Signing up

Who can join Which? Connect?

Which? Connect is free to join and open to all Which? members - you don’t need to hold any particular subscriptions to join.

How big is the panel?

Our panel is made of around 30,000-40000 Which? members. The size varies as new members join and existing members leave but the panel is constantly growing.

What will I need to do once I am a member?

After joining Connect we will email you some surveys which will ask your opinion on a range of products and services. We aim to send surveys that are relevant to you but feel free to complete as many or as few as you like. All we ask is for your honest feedback on the products and services you have bought to inform our research at Which?

Survey invitations

How many surveys will I receive a week?

We normally send around 3 surveys a week – but whether you receive more than 3 or less, depends on the type of research we are conducting. There’s no obligation to complete all these surveys – but we’d be delighted if you were able to complete as many as you could.  

How do you decide which surveys I receive?

Sometimes surveys are sent to the entire Connect panel, whereas at other times they might be sent to only a select number of members depending on the specific requirements of the research. For example, some surveys go to everyone (so we can get the widest brand coverage possible), whereas others are more targeted (i.e. we might only invite members who we know subscribe to a particular magazine or who have told us in the past they’ve bought or are thinking of buying/using a certain product). Members can opt out of taking part in a survey or receiving reminders for the survey by clicking the appropriate option in the survey invite.

How do you work out how long it will take to complete a survey?

To check the routing that sits behind our survey questions, we always ‘soft launch’ a survey to a small group of members so that we can check the survey is working correctly. We monitor how long members took to complete this test survey and after removing any outliers, we add the mean completion time to the official survey invite. We understand it may take longer to complete a survey than the time specified, and for this reason we always give an approximate completion time.


Will my answers to surveys be anonymous?

Your answers will be combined with other member responses and will therefore be reported at an aggregate level (e.g. 20% of the Connect members we surveyed said x). The only time we would quote you personally is if a Which? researcher follows up your survey response, and gets your explicit permission to publish any personal details (such as your name). In all other cases, comments will be used anonymously. To see our full privacy policy please click here

Why does the final question on a survey ask for more comments?

This question is immensely valuable, as we often use your feedback to redraft our surveys. Your comments are a vital sense check on whether we’re asking the right questions and if we’ve missed something that we might not have considered before.

I’m sometimes unable to complete a survey because I’ve been told I do not qualify. Why?

This is because we've placed 'screener' questions at the start of a survey to identify members whose experiences are relevant to the aims of the survey. For example, we may only be looking for people with a specific type of bank account or who've travelled to a particular destination. Screening ensures the right people answer the questions we need them to.

Why do I keep getting surveys that aren’t relevant to me?

We try to only send surveys to those panel members that we know have a particular product or experience we are interested in. We often have to send a survey to the entire panel to maximise the number of products/services we can report on, but sometimes a member might not meet the criteria for the survey (i.e. they may not have bought/own the product we’re asking about or they may not have used a particular service in a certain length of time). We apologise for the inconvenience this may cause and we continually review how we send out surveys to make this process efficient.

Why can’t I go ‘back’ to change my answer/s on your surveys?

In the past, we included a ‘back button’ on our surveys. However, it’s standard practice in market research to remove a back button as (a) we want to collect initial reactions to our questions and (b) if respondents go back and change their answers, this can affect the back end logic that sits behind questions which can affect the pathway a respondent will take through the rest of the survey.

If a member tells us in an open end that they have made a mistake, we can recode their answers at the back end to rectify this.

Why do you always have the product review page at the end of a survey?

Getting member feedback on products they’ve bought is extremely valuable, as often a person’s opinion of what’s good/bad about a product cannot be tested in a quantifiable way in a laboratory or through a survey. This is why we direct members at the end of our surveys to our product reviews page so that when you go to buy your next product, you’ll have the benefits of a user’s perspective to help inform your choice.

Are these surveys compatible with other devices (such as tablets/mobile)?

This survey is compatible with mobile and tablet devices. Please make sure you are using the latest version of your browser. Keeping your Internet browser up-to-date is important for both security and ensuring that web pages load properly. Should you have any difficulties completing the survey, you may find it easier to use a PC or laptop.

Why do I get reminders for surveys that aren’t relevant to me

It is important to us not to waste your time. If you receive a survey you don’t think you will qualify for please either:

1) Open the survey and complete the first question to confirm your eligibility or not

2) Click on the link ‘Click here if you do not wish to participate in this study’ on the email invite.

Survey data

Where can I find feedback about the surveys I participate in?

The Which? magazines and the Connect newsletter are the best place to see how we’ve used the data we’ve collected from panel members. If you are interested in the results of a survey not featured in the newsletter, you can always search the Which? website to see how the findings were used in an article.  

Technical glitches

Why doesn’t your survey work on my browser?

Occasionally we experience technical glitches with software which might prevent some members from completing our surveys. The most common technical glitch is a message similar to the image below showing that your computer’s security settings might be blocking access to our surveys.


The temporary solution to this is to access your firewall’s security settings and add the panel address (panel.whichconnect.co.uk) to an exception list. We know some members have had issues with the Sophos package: instructions can be found here . In the meantime, our software supplier is working on a permanent solution and we are hoping to have this fixed very soon. We’re sorry for the worry and frustration this may have caused, and thank you for your continuing patience and support.

Do I need special computer hardware or software to participate?

Which? Connect surveys are designed to run quickly and easily on most computer systems. All you need is:

• Access to a recent version of an internet browser.
• An email account.

Monthly Which? Connect Newsletter

What is the Which? Connect newsletter?

The Which? Connect newsletter is available to all Which? Connect members and is emailed once a month. It contains details of upcoming surveys, calls for help from Which? researchers, results from Which? Connect surveys and news about the panel.

Why do I not receive the Which? Connect newsletter?

If you are a Connect member and you do not receive the Connect newsletter this may be because you have opted out of receiving any marketing information from us. If you would like to change this, please click here to contact the helpdesk

Who to contact

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

If you are experiencing any issues regarding Which? Connect (e.g. not being able to access, complete or submit a survey or any other technical problem)  please click here to contact the helpdesk

Why does no one ever get back in touch when I have agreed to be re-contacted at the end of the survey?

At the end of a survey we always ask for permission toget in touch if we need to discuss the answers a member has given. However, we often only contact a select number of panellists because they might have a particular experience that we are interested in hearing more about. Sometimes we use these follow up leads as case studies in our magazines or online as their experiences really help bring our articles to life.

I would like to leave the panel, how do I unsubscribe?

Thank you for your vital contribution to Which? Connect. We are sad to learn that you would like to leave the panel, as we really do value the feedback you give us but  please click here to contact the helpdesk to unsubscribe from our panel. Remember, you can re-join our panel at any time.

If you have any other questions regarding Which? Connect, please click here to contact the helpdesk

Other questions

Do you do any face-to-face research?

At present, we only conduct a limited amount of face-to-face research. When these opportunities arise we reach out to the Connect panel via email to see who would be interested in getting involved.