TV accessibility

TVs are enjoyed by more than just able-bodied people, but at the moment our tests don’t reflect some of the more complex needs of our members as well as they could. Until this year our TV tests and reviews were all but useless for anyone with sensory disabilities. We’re taking our first steps into making our reviews more inclusive and useful for people with disabilities.

The first stage of this is to determine what accessibility features are on each TV and if you read a review of a TV released in 2021 you’ll see a paragraph detailing the features you can expect.

We also understand that this isn’t far enough. Detailing the features is one thing, but we need to understand them. We’re talking with representatives from the RNIB to see where TVs can do more for blind users and we’ll seek out opinions from deaf charities, too.

Our aim with this to work is to make accessibility features affect the score. We want to understand which are the most useful and which should contribute more to the overall score. We also want to know where TV manufacturers can go further.

Affecting change is a major goal at Which? and where TV manufacturers could be doing more to make their TVs better for anyone with disabilities, we want to use our influence to make that change happen.

Martin Pratt