Which? health research – beyond the pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, the Which? health team has been keeping consumers up to date with the latest Covid advice, spanning topics that were new to pretty much everyone – from Covid testing, to reusable face coverings, to the vaccine rollout.

We spoke to care home workers to bring you stories from the hidden frontline of the pandemic, pressured the medicines regulator to suspend unfit-for-purpose antibody tests, and published the UK’s first independent test of face coverings.

Looking forward, we will continue to bring you advice on health and wellbeing in the next stage of the pandemic.

You’ll soon see an investigation into the pros and cons of tracking your health – through steps, sleep tracking, or heart rate/blood oxygen monitoring – and how to form healthy habits without the gadgets.

We have a team looking at how to protect your health data, as increasing amounts of our sensitive information is being stored on our phones (including on the NHS app, which is positioned to be crucial for the continued easing of lockdown).

We’re exploring different remedies and treatments for musculoskeletal pain, first with a guide to what you do and don’t need for back complaints, and further down the line, a deep dive into pain medication.

We’ll continue to interrogate the Covid-influenced consumer health landscape, bringing you information on vaccine booster programmes, private Covid tests, and the onslaught of new products that claim to protect you from infection.

Anna Studman